Tricky Falls Theater is a Henry C.Trost designed building which opened in 1914, and is currently in the National Register of Historic Buildings. Within the venue, we house both Bowie Feathers, El Paso’s inspired craft cocktail lounge where nightly drink creations are lauded as much for their tongue-in-cheek names as for their inherent tastiness, as well as Tricky Falls, our landmark theater turned entertainment venue. Tricky Falls was opened out of a combined love of music and art, as well as of the city of El Paso and the people who call it home. Our goal is to bring “something for everyone,” and to that end we book an eclectic mix of musical genres and events that expand the scope of our area entertainment scene. We truly hope every patron’s experience here is a unique and memorable one.

Venue Info

All shows are General Admission, and most are standing room only. For some events, chairs are made available but still on a general admission basis.


Our capacity is 1,500.
The stage is proscenium style. The main floor is an open standing room. Located on the second floor are the mezzanine and upper balcony. Also, on the mezzanine level are seated or standing state boxes. (Tables and chairs are available upon request).


If you are a band interested on playing our Theatre, please contact

Advancing your Show

If you need to advance an upcoming show, contact Shows are to be advanced no less than 48 hours prior to show night.

Production Info

Stage Type: Modified Proscenium
Stage Size:

  • 20 FT Deep
  • 24 FT Wide (Downstage)
  • 16 FT Wide (Upstage)
  • 3 FT High

Risers: (2) 4x8x2 risers (can be joined for 8×8)
Monitor Position: Off Stage Right
FOH Position: 30 FT from Stage ( floor level )
Lighting Position: 30 FT from Stage ( floor level )
(Optional FOH/LD Position in mezzanine)
Load In: street level, alleyway behind theater.
Parking: TBD by promoter
Shore Power: None Available


Allen & Heath GL 2200 – 32 Channel Analog console
4 x JBL SR 4731 X/F
4 x JBL SR4715 X-1
6 x JBL MS112
1x BSS MiniDrive
4 x DBX 2231 EQs
10 x Gate/Compressors
1 x Yamaha SPX900
1 x TC Electronic D TWO


6 x LED Color Palettes (Back Truss)
10 x ETC PARs (Front Truss)
4 x Leprecon Mx 2400 dimmer packs


Audio: 200 Amps
Lighting: 200 Amps
One set of Cam Locks for Power

Private Events

We host all types of events including, but not limited to:
Film premieres and showings
Private parties
Speaking events
Corporate meetings & events
Wedding receptions or post-wedding parties

Please contact us for price info and availability. We look forward to working with you.